BOOK SALE, May 25, 26, 27, & 29

Author Diane Galusha discusses her book “Liquid Assets, A History of New York City’s Water System” May 10, 7pm

Come join the “The Coloring Club” at the Hunter Public Library

“Dementia Conversation” A workshop presented by the Alzheimer’s Association, April 10, 5pm

Tips on how to have honest and caring conversations about things such as doctor’s visits, when  to stop driving, and making legal and financial plans. It will be held at the Hunter Library,7965 Main St. Register by calling (518)263-4655, or by e-mail :

Over 55? Why not join us at the Hunter Library’s monthly “Senior Coffee Klatch” on April 11th at 10am? There’s lots of food ,and loads of friendly, and it’s all free.

“Recognizing and Coping with Caregiver Stress” A presentation by The Alzheimer’s Association, April 3, 5pm

Register by calling (518)263-4655, or by e-mail :

March 24th at 10 am, at The Hunter Public Library, 7965 Main St.

Come play SCRABBLE on Thursday’s @ 1 pm


Library Kindred Spirits

Written for those who are just discovering the library or are still to discover it, this story is a Hunter Public Library adventure. Libraries are a place of discovery and community, a crucial link to information in today’s society, especially for people who are lifelong learners, need access to computers and Internet, and those who are seeking kindred spirits. Come visit the Hunter Public Library!

Public Library Kindred Spirits from M Kroyem on Vimeo.