On November 28th at 4 pm The Hunter Public Library will host The Northeastern Chapter of The Alzheimer’s Association as it presents the last of a three part series designed to help individuals cope with many aspects of the illness.

The Question is…..WHERE’S “CUPCAKE”?

It seems that our little mascot friend “Cupcake”has been left high and dry,( and now he has two trunks too!) But Where? We last saw him enjoying a nice lunch with his besties. He can’t have gone far.
Help us find him and win a free ice cream cone from STEWART’S SHOP’S . Kid’s, we need to know where this picture was taken. Submit your answer at the Hunter Library. The winner will be picked at random from a group of all correct answers.

“Cupcake” our mascot, is seen here enjoying a pleasant lunch with friends. Kids, tell us, WHERE IS CUPCAKE?

Our mascot “Cupcake” used the last few weeks wisely, finishing nearly all the books on it’s summer list. However, all that reading can make a young elephant hungry.
Here  we see “Cupcake” sharing a delicious lunch with his friends from a nearby village. They always include an extra cupcake with their meal. Kids, do you know where “Cupcake” is ?
Submit your answer at the Hunter Public Library on Main St. in Hunter. We will choose a winner in a random drawing.
The prize is an ice cream cone from Stewart’s Shops.

Meet” CUPCAKE”, our new mascot

Come join the “The Coloring Club” at the Hunter Public Library

Over 55? Why not join us at the Hunter Library’s monthly “Senior Coffee Klatch” on December 12th at 10am? There’s lots of food ,and loads of friendly, and it’s all free.

Come play SCRABBLE on Thursday’s @ 1 pm


Library Kindred Spirits

Written for those who are just discovering the library or are still to discover it, this story is a Hunter Public Library adventure. Libraries are a place of discovery and community, a crucial link to information in today’s society, especially for people who are lifelong learners, need access to computers and Internet, and those who are seeking kindred spirits. Come visit the Hunter Public Library!

Public Library Kindred Spirits from M Kroyem on Vimeo.