The Hunter Public Library Board of Trustees announced yesterday that the library will be increasing its service level to the community. While the COVID-19 cases in the county are still high, we’ll ask that patrons review and adhere to the guidelines, as recommended to us by the Mid-Hudson Library System and NYS. We will once again allow patrons to come inside the library, but with a 5 person maximum at all times. This number will include our staff, computer users, and any patrons coming inside the library.


Patrons may browse the adult and young adult stacks while wearing rubber (nitrile) gloves as provided by the library. Adults may browse the children’s section for their child, or a clerk may pull a selection of books for a child to browse at one of our open tables. 


Patrons can also visit the circulation desk to:

Request interlibrary loan materials

Copies, faxes, scanning 

Reserve one of the two computers available for 45 minute sessions. 


We ask our patrons to refrain from placing personal items on the circulation desk. Social distancing guidelines and a face covering at all times will be enforced while you are inside the library. 


  • Library will be open with a 5 person Maximum Library Occupancy (including staff)

Monday 10-4  

Tuesday 10-2 

Wednesday 12-4  

Thursday 12-4  

Friday 12-4 NEW 

Saturday 12-4  

Sunday Closed  


Guidelines for patrons coming inside the Hunter Public Library:

  • 5 person maximum inside the library at a time. This includes staff, computer users,  children, and anyone who comes inside the library. 
    • If we have reached capacity, the clerk will ask you to return outside or to your vehicle until the capacity number has reached a level that you may re-enter. We appreciate your assistance as we reopen under guidelines that help reduce or eliminate the spread of Covid-19.  
  • Patrons will be asked to wear rubber (nitrile) gloves when entering the library stacks  (gloves to be provided by the library)
  • Books, magazines, DVDs should be returned for check in by placing item/s in the covered box inside our entryway. They will be checked-in following the quarantine period. 
    • Please DO NOT hand items to the clerk to be checked in. 
    • Any fine that is incurred during a quarantine period WILL BE WAIVED. 
  • Two nonadjacent computers are available to be reserved for 45 minute sessions 
    • Drop ins are welcome, but reservations will be given preference
  • We’ll continue to ask each patron to wipe the desk, keyboard, mouse or any hard surface they came into contact with (antibacterial wipes provided) 
  • The Children’s Section will remain closed to browsing by children, however, parents following our browsing guidelines, may enter the Children’s section. Or a clerk may pull a selection of books for a child to browse at one of our open tables. 
  • The Young Adult (12+ yrs) section is open for browsing with the same guidelines as adults
  • We will continue to quarantine materials after patron contact as a precaution, as recommended by the Mid-Hudson Library System. 
  • In person programming, such as Rip Stitchers Knitting group, will be suspended until library occupancy can safely increase to allow more people inside the library at a time.
  • A contract tracing sign in will be available at circulation
  • Bathroom will be available to patrons, but you will need to request a key from the clerk to access. Staff will be sanitizing the bathroom.  


Use the library’s wireless connection to respond to the 2020 census online in less time than it takes to finish your morning coffee. Get more information: #2020Census


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Written for those who are just discovering the library or are still to discover it, this story is a Hunter Public Library adventure. Libraries are a place of discovery and community, a crucial link to information in today’s society, especially for people who are lifelong learners, need access to computers and Internet, and those who are seeking kindred spirits. Come visit the Hunter Public Library!

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